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Whio Duck Project

Englefield has announced an ongoing awareness and support campaign - where we will help raise funds for The Central North Island Blue Duck Trust. Our aim is to try and save one of New Zealand's most loved but endangered species, the whio.


  • The whio is an iconic back-country species, and it features on the New Zealand $10 note.
  • The blue duck is a river specialist, living year round on fast-flowing rivers.
  • They are a key indicator of healthy rivers and streams.
  • They require clean, fast flowing streams in the forested upper catchments of rivers.

Threats to Whio

  • Stoats are the greatest danger. They attack females on the nest, steal eggs, and take young ducklings from the river’s edge.
  • Feral cats, domestic dogs, ferrets, rats and possums have also been recorded at nests and are likely to take eggs.
  • During the late summer moult period, blue duck are flightless making them even more vulnerable to attacks.



The Central North Island Blue Duck Trust, launched in August 2002, was formed to provide ongoing operations to enhance, protect and promote whio populations and habitat.

Formed by Genesis, Forest and Bird and the Department of Conservation, the trust's main focus is currently on distributing funds to community groups who protect whio populations and their habitats. The trust funds a wide range of small community-led projects that play a hugely important role in supporting a larger, national conservation partnership known as 'Whio Forever'.

The Trust’s primary objective is to provide greater support for community-led projects beyond the Central North Island and protect growing whio populations nationwide.

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Photographer: Andrew Glaser

Photographer: Gerald Bruce-Smith


Englefield is a brand of Kohler NZ Ltd, which has become a  trusted bathroom supplier throughout all of New Zealand. The company was originally established in 1982, and has since become synonymous with 'the little yellow duck', becoming part of it's logo in the late 1980's. 

Thousands of Englefield yellow ducks are given away each year to communities around New Zealand to assist in raising funds for schools, kindergartens, hospices, Women at Risk, rescue helicopters - and many, many more deserving community projects.  

The team at Englefield took a trip to Taupo with CNIBDT in May 2017 to see Whio in its natural habitat. They decided that they could help contribute to the growing effort to save this wonderful species from Extinction. 

See below how you can help Whio thrive: DONATE NOW

As a Charitable Trust CNIBDT rely on membership, sponsorship and donations to ensure we are able to continue to enhance existing blue duck populations. All donations, whatever the amount, will be gratefully received and used to support our projects. Please contact us if you want more details.


will help a community group maintain one predator trap for a year. This trap will help that group protect whio on about 100 metres of river.


will help a community group service and repair a trap, that service will help that trap stay in action for about another 3 years.


will help a community group buy a new trap to extend their trapping network.


raises a Whione duckling (hand reared from egg collected in the wild) for release. We will try and provide an opportunity for the donor to do the release for that contribution.


Blue Duck Under Threat. Yellow Duck to the Rescue!

Englefield, New Zealand's leading bathroomware supplier - and whose logo features a yellow duck - has announced an ongoing awareness and support campaign.

Record number of Whio ducklings on Mt Taranaki

A record number of whio ducklings have been located on Mt Taranaki in what is proving to be a boom year for the rare native blue duck.

New home for Whio in Te Anau

For the first time in its history, Te Anau’s Punanga Manu bird sanctuary has welcomed a breeding pair of whio – establishing a captive breeding program at the sanctuary.

It takes a community to raise a Whio

DOC and Genesis Energy and their community partners celebrate the success of concerted efforts by many parties to improve the prospects for New Zealand’s river rapid-riding blue duck.
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