Price is important...but so is quality

We spoke to two local Auckland shower installers who gave their advice on buying a new shower. When you come across what you think is a good deal, it could become a nightmare in as little as 6 months.

Poor quality showers can cause major problems - costing money, time and a lot of inconvenience. Listen to our installers advice below - itemised for easy reference. Or you can hear them all by clicking on 'The Whole Story' at the bottom.

Remember - If you're unsure, ask your own plumber or shower installer for advice BEFORE you buy.
✓: Do showers have to comply with any NZ regulations?

✓: Is the NZ safety glass symbol always stamped on the glass?
If it isn't, it's dangerous and could cut you badly if it shatters. Don't buy it!

✓: Is there anything to be aware of when choosing a shower frame?
Is the frame sturdy? It is flimsy? Does it wobble? If it does - eventually the seals will be compromised - letting water out! If the shower has sliding doors, they may fall out and shatter!

✓: How can you tell if the acrylic shower wall is going to last?
Is the wall liner good quality sanitary grade acrylic that won't yellow or crack over time? Is it also treated with Senosan Antibac technology to prevent scratches and mould?

✓: What about the shower tray?
Is the tray also quality sanitary grade acrylic? Is is also treated with Senosan Antibac technology? Is the tray strong enough to carry substantial weight, time after time, without cracking? Does the tray also have a substantial upstand for water tightness? 

✓: What do I look for in a warranty?
Are you familiar with the manufacturer of the shower? Do they have a good reputation and longevity? Will they still be around in 5 years? How long is the warranty for? This will give you a very good idea on how long this product should last. Is it for 6 months, 5, 15 or 20 years?


✓: Is a good After Sales service important?
Ask if the manufacturer offers a reliable After Sales service with a helpful reputation? Are spare parts readily available? If your retailer imports the shower - how do they provide solutions for complaints?

✓: What is a key buyer-beware message you would give to someone about to invest in a shower?
Leaks can cause serious damage over time - and will cost you thousands to repair. Look for a quality shower from a reputable brand and this will save you more money in the long run.

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