Englefield Bidet Seat

A modern bidet seat that can be fitted to a variety of Englefield and other toilets. Designed to deliver the finest in hygiene, safety and comfort for the whole family.

5 great reasons to buy an Englefield Electronic bidet seat.

  1. No toilet paper required!
  2. Self cleaning, stainless steel wand for maximum hygiene
  3. Quiet Close, Quick Release seat for a thorough clean with minimal effort
  4. Retrofits to many existing toilets (Jump to Installation Guide for info on checking compatibility)
  5. Easy to install - but must be within current standards (Jump to Technical Information for details)

Check compatability with your existing toilet

  • Ask your retailer if this product is compatible with your brand of toilet
  • Download & print our templates containing step-by-step instructions for checking compatability
    • Bidet Template - A1 size
    • Bidet Template - A4 size x6 pages - easy to print on a standard printer, and connect together to make a template

Please note:

  • Must be installed with RCD electrical protection.
  • Must be installed to a water supply pressure between 220-500kPa
  • Must be installed in accordance with AS/NZS 3500.1, which will require the installation of a high hazard backflow prevention device (Not supplied), if not already installed on site. Please consult your registered Plumber or Hydraulic Consultant.
  • Maximum user weight 120kg

Bidet Seat features up close flyer (PDF)

Enquire Showroom Locator
  • 3 wash modes with optional oscillating or normal spray
  • Posterior and feminine cleansing
  • 4 options of nozzle position & 6-levels of water pressure
  • Heated water reservoir – ensuring immediate warm spray
  • Heated seat for comfort
  • Heated air dryer & Deodouriser function
  • 2-level power saving modes
  • Auto self-cleaning high grade stainless steel nozzle for personal hygiene
  • Sitting sensor enables cleansing functions only when seated
  • Quick-Release™ seat for easy removal & cleaning
  • Retrofits to existing toilets (Jump to Installation Guide for info on checking compatibility)
  • No interference with standard toilet functionality
  • Watermark certified to WMTS051:2016 and complies with electrical safety standards AS/NZS 60335.2.84
Technical Information
Installation Guide